Monday, April 25, 2011

Working on my hubbys birthday suprise ghan!!!

My self invented cell phone carrier, to wear around my neck around the house and not lose my cellphone

Baby hat

Bookmarks, pattern courtesy of crochetroo

Made for my sister

My ABC blanket for my great nephew

Another Round Ripple, my cat wants to be a movie star : )

A Afghan I made for Victory Junction. Its folded in half. Used the Bobby Square

A SHIFFO pattern for baby : )

My friend Paul RIP I made him this flag for his birthday. He was a proud VET.

Her name is Stitch. If you google STITCH you cqan find her pattern, I donated her also.

This one was a GIFT to me from MaryJo AKA TampaGirl at the "Ville"

HAVE to love these totes!!

Oh how I LOVED this guy, donated to toys for charity.

Another crocheted round ripple for a friend Amy. Her dogs ate it : (

A Plus sized sweater I crocheted, for me.


Bridal shawl I crocheted for my Niece when she got married. A Maria Merlino pattern

A Smaller 6 pocket tote I made for a friend I worked with, she picked out the colors, nice I think.

A thread crochet siccors case I made.

6 pocket tote I made, to carry yarn of course : )

Baby blanket using the "Brick Stitch"

My pink and White baby round ripple, Aggie Mays pattern.

My Pink baby round ripple, Aggie Mays Pattern