Sunday, October 23, 2011

Assignments have been issued!

Now the fun begins...woooot. I e-mailed all the swap partners out this afternoon, well I LOST an e-mail so I need her to resend it, but other than that, the squares should be getting made soon. As a treat, I am going to mail a square to all the participants! Wooot
Lets have fun gals!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Well, I have to hold off on the square swap until SUNDAY

I am NOT at home, and didn't think of the unreliability of the free internet where I am, so sorry gals, I will put out the assignments sunday when I get home, around 3pm central time. Grrrrrrrrrr

While sitting here, I am working on crocheting a baby Christening dress and bonnet and booties. I am working with RedHeart soft Shimmer in white, and it has shimmers in it looking like new fallen snow! It will be nice. The pattern was poorly written at best, so it is taking me longer than I thought, but I am getting it down, I even PAID for this pattern, I should rewrite it correctly and email it to the girl. I have tested many patters, and she must not have has this tested before she made it available as a paid pattern. Oh well such is life, hu ?

Monday, October 10, 2011

I am hosting a crochet square exchange

Okay friends from Red heart, Here we go, I am starting this on my blog for people to sign up for the square exchange. Here are the "rules"
1. You MUST post to this post in order to be involved.
2. You must e-mail me your name, and mailing information. My e-mail is
3. You MUST use Red Heart Super Saver Yarn.
4. You MUST post at least two colors to chose from, so hopefully we can use stash.
You will make 5 squares for five different people, so your not going to be mailing all together, they will be 8 inch squares, and I know personally most fit in a standard envelope, with two stamps.
So, the DEADLINE to sign up is October 21st at noon, I will assign everyone their squares to make by 5pm October 21st. Now IMPORTANT PLEASE READ the squares MUST be received by November 15th. So if you are not sure you can commit to making 5 squares and mailing them out in time please refrain from signing up. This is so I don't end up making a bunch of squares because people didn't reach their commitment. I feel this is plenty of time to make up 5 squares, heck I would only need a day, but I have more time than the normal person.
You can use ANY pattern, and I will recommend you to look at CrochetPatternCentral for patterns if you don't have any yet, here is the link to different 8 inch squares.
If I forgot anything let me know, okay, and by the way I UNDERSTAND if an emergency happens, or maybe you don't have the colors you need, and want a different assignment so you can use what you have. I am hoping at the end, we will each be able to put together a RedHeart friendship afghan. Most important, HAVE FUN!
JoAnn AKA JoBug
P.S the more people we get involved, we could always make and recieve more if this goes over well.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Keep your eye on this is getting ready to start

I am wanting to start a square exchange. The premise is, you will make five 8 inch squares, and mail them to five different people, and in return you will get five squares from five different people. I want you to chose the colors you want, please make it more than one, and then you will get what you want also. And together the squares will be a friendship ghan! Good idea? So lets see who wants to play?
there is a VAST amount of free patterns on the internet for the squares, so they can be any design you wish to use, or five different ones!
Lets Have some fun!

I cant believe I didn't post pictures of hubbys ghan!

And now, my crochet

I am actually working on TWO afghans, but this is the one I have a pic of is made with Red Heart Yarn, and its a pattern from their web site, Shadow Box Throw

And her and Uncle Jeff were eskimoe kissing

Therefor Samantha and I got to spend the weekend together

And did we have a BLAST! She made out with lots of hats, as I had a bag of them by my chair...but she is my kindred she loves dancing to my Ipod

So October first, Samantha's lil brother arrived

Its a boy! Aydin James