Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My princess Samantha, my great niece

We are at her school brown bagging it, how funny, it is really McDonald's bagging it! I made her the princess hat I love her like my own granddaughter, but she is my sisters and I can't very well steal her away. She IS a doll. We have a special bond between us.

So my bloggy, I am working on crochet

I am crocheting around three things right now, I am still working on hubby's afghan for his recliner, a neverending one it seems, and my niece's Wisconsin Badger afghan. AND I started myself a Bolero. No hurry on that. So, I am thinking at the end of the week I will have hubby's done and pictures taken. The Wisconsin one isn't due until Christmas, that is when I want to give it to her. And I have to come up with an idea for my other niece on hubby's side for a afghan. Considering I only have around 500 books, I SHOULD be able to pic one out hu? I have to ask her mamma what her favorite color is. I REALLY want to make my friend Linda a teal one, she thinks she doesn't want one, I will show her..lol

Check out the Praying Mantis on my car

What s she thinking?

A couple pictures to share.

And who doesn't love sunflowers, here they are in all their glory

Monday, September 5, 2011

And now crochet projects!

Okay Okay I don't have the kitties nose or mouth on yet, I will do that tomorrow, and the ABC blanket. I have now made three of these, and funny thing, they were all for boys..lol..I need a girl!!
Pictures pictures

Wow GREAT weekend!

Hubby did terrific in Black Jack and I got AMAZING crochet projects done, but first thing first, as we were traveling friday night, we had a horrific rain storm, and then all of a sudden a most beautiful rainbow appeared of COURSE I had my camera in my purse so lookie and enjoy a TRUE gift from mother nature. In Gods land, Wisconsin.