Saturday, October 22, 2011

Well, I have to hold off on the square swap until SUNDAY

I am NOT at home, and didn't think of the unreliability of the free internet where I am, so sorry gals, I will put out the assignments sunday when I get home, around 3pm central time. Grrrrrrrrrr

While sitting here, I am working on crocheting a baby Christening dress and bonnet and booties. I am working with RedHeart soft Shimmer in white, and it has shimmers in it looking like new fallen snow! It will be nice. The pattern was poorly written at best, so it is taking me longer than I thought, but I am getting it down, I even PAID for this pattern, I should rewrite it correctly and email it to the girl. I have tested many patters, and she must not have has this tested before she made it available as a paid pattern. Oh well such is life, hu ?

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