Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Charity Hat instructions.

My Aunt Judy made this pattern up, and is allowing me to post it for charity hats. Enjoy. You can use for yourself and charity NOT TO SELL PATTERN OR HATS MADE FROM PATTERN.
Using worsted weight yarn and a size "I" Hook
Chain 4 join with a slip stitch
R1. chain 3 (counts as first DC) 15 DC into ring, join with slip stitch in top of chain 3.
R2. chain three, DC in same stitch as joining, 2 DC in each DC around, join (32) DC
R3. Chain 1, SC in back loop of each of the next 2 DC, Back Loop Only in all stitches this round (=BLO) 2 SC in next stitch, continue around with SC in two, two SC in next. Join
R4. CH 3, dc in BLO in each SC around, join
R5. CH 3 DC in both loops in each of the next 3 DC's, 2 DC in fourth, continue around, with 4 DC, then 2 DC in next, Join.
R6. CH 1 SC in BLO in each stitch around, join.
R7. CH 3, DC BLO in each SC around, join
R8. CH 3, DC in both loops around, join.
R 9. Repeat R 6
R 10. Repeat R 7
R 11. Repeat R8
R12. Repeat round 8, join and TURN
R. 13. DC in BLO of each stitch, join.
R 14. Repeat 13
R 15. Repeat 13
R 16. CH 1, SC around, fasten off. Fold up.
Make a Pom Pom for the top and tie on.
Finished! I was able to do my first one in an hour, and I am sure it will go faster now that I got that first one out of the way, AND I need to learn how to make pom pom's. Here is a PICTURE of my first one, it will get better, and it LOOKS better in person, you can see the pattern in the ridges of BLO rows, very cool.

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