Thursday, January 19, 2012

My scrap ghan instructions

  • Okay here is my MODIFIED dishcloth design to a scrap afghan. I will write you the intsructions here if you want to do thi, mind you it is NOT nessasary to use the white every other row, I just wanted to, so it has a conformed looky to it. Okay here it goes.
    Chain 205, and dc in 3rd chain and each across=203 DC including the chain three at begfining as a dc. now restart with your second color, and... attach to chain 3 space, chain three, dc in next 2 dc, chain one, skip a dc, dc in next three, all across, okay end off that color, put the white back on and chain 3, dc in next two, NOW at the chain space work a TRIPPLE crochet into the dc below. and just coninue on in that pattern. Row 3 in white dc acroos, change colors, repeate.. waaalaaaaa you will have a scrap ghan, and like I said, it will work fine for just using different colors and not using the white or "main" color..
    the back looks the same as the front pretty hu?? lol, I dint STEAL this pattern, i MODIFIED a dishcloth pattern, with different stitches. FYI. And I used a "K" hook

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