Thursday, January 12, 2012

So do you all know how it feels...

To feel your not getting enough done, but yet not wanting to do anything on the other hand? Today is snowed lots of snow, I didn't wish to do a thing. But alas, I had a therapy appointment and I had to go to the post office, and then of course, I get my Mustang stuck trying to get into my parking space. Then, I come up sit a bit shaking from getting stuck, and I look over at my yarn basket. I pick up my baby blanket I am now working on, and hooked up a few rows. Then I thought oh pooh, my heart isn't in this today. So I looked through my basket and found a yarn I pulled out for a ripple afghan I want to make so badly. So that is IT, the light bulb went off in my head! I will do my orders for crochet works, but ALSO make time to work on MY ripple pattern. So I Internet race to Lucy's blog to get her pattern down for her wavy ripple pattern, and start hooking away, well, I didn't get as far on it as anticipated, can you anticipate in such a short time? BUT I do have the first two rows done! There, I did it! Just like my therapist said, do something for YOU every day. And that is it, there is my day, now the home made rolls are done, the chicken is basking in the oven, and I will go off now to peel my potato's, and make up a nice supper, and then you know what? I am tired, and I am going to bed. How is that? Yes I will be in bed BEFORE 9PM, so there you have it. My day. Bless you for reading my dismal post here Happy Hooks

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